Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sooji ki kheer

This recipe is not the traditional one..i tried this from a blog foodilicious cooks at tastes like a pudding and is very light on try this will simply love this and the best thing is that it takes less than 30mins to make it... i make it at every party i host .
  1. Sooji 3Tbspn{the one used to make upma)
  2. Milk full fat 1liter
  3. Sweetened condensed milk 400grms(1can)
  4. Cornflour 2Tbspn
  5. Egg 1
  6. Nestle cream 2 cans
  7. Cardamoms 3
  8. Almonds 4 (soaked and sliced thinly)
  • Boil the milk with cardamoms and simmer.
  • On the other hand as u put the milk to a seperate bowl beat sweetened condensed milk,corn flour,sooji,egg,nestle cream and vanilla essence with a hand mixer.
  • Now slowly add this to the simmering milk and keep mixing with a spoon to avoid lumps.
  • Keep stirring continously till the kheer thickens.
  • Check the sweetness and add sugar if needed.
  • The kheer should medium thick in consistency.
  • Pour this kheer in a serving dish and refrigirate for minimum 4 hours to set.
  • Serve chilled with almonds.