Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani

As-Salaam-Alaikum everyone., this is my best recipe for Ramadan.,hope u all will love it and make it for Eid -- HAPPY RAMADAN
This is my entry for Ramazan Special and also for Mona's RCI:Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine. INGREDIENTS
1.Mutton(gosh) 1kilo
2. Basmati rice 5cups(wash and soaked in water for minimum 1hour)
3. Fried Onions 5big(half is used in the marinade and the other half for the layers)
4. Red chilli pwdr 1/2Tspn
5. Ginger-Garlic paste (fresh) 4Tbspns
6. Green chilles (grinded to paste ) 30
7. Coriander leaves 1 bunch(grinded to paste)
8.Mint leaves 1/2 bunch(grinded to paste)
9.Shazeera (whole) 1Tspn
10.Garam masala(fresh) 1Tspn
11.Curd 450grms
12. Nimbu(lime) 1
13. Saffron(zafran) 2pinches
14.Biryani colur(mix in 4tspns of water with a pinch of zafran)
15.Milk 1/2 cup
16.Desi ghee 5Tspns
17.Whole garam masala 4-5loung,3elaichi,2pattas
18.Salt to taste For the marination
  • Wash the mutton and drain out all the water. Mix salt,red chilli pwdr,Ginger-garlic paste,garam masala,fried onion(crush it a bit),Shazeera,nimbu juice,greenchillies-coriander leaves-mint leaves paste and curd.marinade minimum for 1 hour (i marinade it a night before and refrigarate it tastes really good.
  • Boil lotz of water in a big vessel with 4-5 loung,3elaichi,2pattas with some coriander leaves,mint leaves and 4-5 green chillies and little lemon juice with 10Tspns of salt.
  • When the water starts boiling add the soaked basmati rice and cook till the rice grain can be broken into two(ek kani).
  • Strain the water and keep the basmati rice aside.
  • In the marinaded mutton add 5Tbspns of oil and keep aside.
  • Take a big Vessel to cook the biryani.
  • Follow the following steps to dum the biryani.
Layer 1
Put a very thin layer of cooked basmati rice.(so that Ur mutton doesnt burn if u happen to over cook)
Layer2 Put the marinaded mutton as the 2st layer. Layer 3 Put Cooked basmati rice(put half) Layer 4 coriander leaves,mint leaves cut to small and fried onion (always put fried onion in the this layer and not in the top layer otherwise they become black because of the steam) Layer 5 basmati rice(the other half) Layer 6 Biryani colour mixed in 4tspns of water with a pinch of saffron,milk 1/2 cup,Desi ghee 5Tspns(do not add any oil) Now put this vessel on the stove and cook on low flame for 45minutes till done. Mix the Biryani and serve with raita and mirchi ka salaan TIP:
  • Always put the first layer of rice as a precaution in case u over cook.
  • After the biryani gets cooked before u start mixing it.,take out the top layer of rice in a different vessel and then mix the biryani(this is done so that if u want a less masala biryani u can add this rice or u can leave it according to ur taste)
  • Always add the hara-masala to the boiling water(this is done so that the rice absorbs the nice aroma of the haramasala)


Armina said...

I was the first one to taste ur biryani when u cooked it for the first time years ago.. and now look at the amazing journey u made.. needless to say.. I loved ur biryani back then.. n it must have improved by leaps n bounds now :)

Obaid said...

It was very delicious.I tell you it was much better and tasty than what they loook in those pictures. Keep up the good work. Thanks for making me eat such delicious food every day. -

Kitchen Flavours said...

mouth watering dear. Please send a mail to mail id. i have something to tell you.

Mona said...

Anjum, Your Biryani looks so tempting! Ymm-O!!
Thanks for sending it to RCI. Takecare!

Haseeb said...

Mind-blowing ... fabulous ... beyond words to describe it.

Kitchen Flavours said...

I tagged u with beautiful poem on friendship.

Yasmeen said...

AsSalaam Alaykum anjum,
Birayani looks perfectly done. good work with all the ramadan special posts.

mboy90210 said... seems i am missing all the food....herez the link can post the link over there...this long weekend i will try one of ur dishes

Anjum said...

Hello everyone.. It was really sad to see that this recepie of mine was stolen and published on a leading website of USA - Dallas. It hurts when the credit for hard work is given to someone else. Please make it a point to watermark pictures on blogs, as this will atleast reduce similar acts in future..

Srivalli said...

Anjum, Thanks for dropping have so many interesting dishes too..this one sure sounds so nice..will try it sometime!

Saad Hameed said...

hey bhabi.
a/salaam..Saad here.
first of all RAMADAN MUBARAK!!
and awesome wrk u have here!!!
i mean the blog is exceptionally kool but the recipes and food look even better!lol
best of luck!

syeda said...

salam anjum, the biryani looks great! I have never tried kachi aqni,I have few doubts, does the meat gets tender without adding raw papaya to it,is there any other tenderizer to soften the meat?plz lemme know, I really want to try this out!

Noor said...

Ya Allah girl you can cook.

hyma said...

Nice girl...:)

Anonymous said...

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Vijaya said...

Hi Anjum, I have tried this recipe and it turned out very well. Thank you for the detailed recipe. Can you also post the recipe for chicken biryani or can I follow the same procedure and swap mutton for chicken..


Vijaya said...
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yak said...

Ms Anjum i liked blog very much.but as you mention the quantity of the ingredients why don't you put how many persons can eat in what we are preparing according to your quantity.
please it will be easy for me and for us.

senorita said...

Look delicious and the recepie straightforward and easy to follow. The first time I am going to make biryani using this recepie.. so fingers crossed :)

drk_411 said...

When we started making biryani sometimes the meat was raw, sometimes there was some water left at the bottom, so we got into the habbit of erring on the over side of cooking. Since this is open_the_envelop_and_see_the_result kinda cooking,

I have been trying different variations at the bottom of the pan to prevent overcooking. Some of the things that i tried :

1. A quarter cup of water with
2 tbsp of ghee with mixed results.

2. A thin layer of very thinly sliced potatoes, but the puritans disliked the idea of potatoes.

3. I tried a single layer of thinly sliced raw onions spread evenly but then sometimes i had to redo the biryani by giving more time.

putting a layer of rice never occured to me (Why I did not think of it first ?).

Now a couple of quick questions:

What happens if you overcook.

Does the rice get burned which you can leave or what ?
and secondly does the addition of rice somehow prevents burning at the bottom ?.

Though with enough experience now we are able to make good biryani 95% of the times.

and my Food Tip: [Brickbats invited]

We have a larger "Patila" [Sauce Pan] which we invert over the cooking pan to act like an oven for the added effect. (now you know how much experiment and frusteration has gone into a single dish)

Dr. Raman Kumar.

Eyes don't see, what mind does not know.

Anonymous said...

asak really good thanks for posting jazakallaqair

Anonymous said...

Asakm, I have recently started browsing all your recipes and am quite excited to try them very soon.You have got all the authentic hyderabadi food recipes here...and a big thank you for that.
Just a suggestion- is it not possible to include videos? that might be even more helpful for starters like myself...
Also, may I request you to include mutton khorma, few chinese dishes(hyderabadi style!)and some simple baking stuff like cakes etc. I am just requesting these because you make cooking look so simple and your description is very simple and easy to understand.
Cant wait for your next recipe!!!!

Karamathunisa Begum said...

Salaam Baji
I would like to know
Can I add raw papaya in biryani Plz reply

Anjum said...

Dear karamath. Papaya can only be added while marinating the meat. The only purpose of applying papaya past is for the meat to go tender. If you don't have a tenderiser then papaya is a good option to tenderise the meat. Hope this answers. Goodluck

Karamathunisa Begum said...

Thank you so much baji
May allaha bless you with all happiness

Anonymous said...

how to b sure da mutton vl b tender

Anjum said...

Wlks, the best way to know if mutton has gone tender is to open one part and check it. Initially you have to do this and with experience and smell you will realise that meat is done. Goodluck.

Sabeena Begum said...

Also please mention salt quantity

Anonymous said...

Asak, may i know 5 cups of rice serves how many people ? Urgent reply plzzz
Thank you ...

Anjum said...

Hi , if only Biryani is served then 5 cups will be good for 5 people and if you have other items along with Biryani then it's double , meaning 5 cups can serve 10 people.

Anonymous said...

Q1. how many tablespoons of raw papaya paste to be added ?
Q2. and if i am using meat tenderiser , how many tablespoons shld that b added to 1 kg of meat ?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a recipe for keema biryani. I'd love to try that. I've tried your chicken and mutton recipes and they come out so good.

Anjum said...

Never tried the real kheema biryani seriously .. May be try and replace mutton with Kheema?