Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shami kabab and shikampur kabab

Makes 16 shami/shikampur kababs

Preparation time: 1hr

INGREDIENTS to be added to the meat:

1.Boneless mutton 500grms

2.Split Bengal gram(chana dal) 3tbspns (soaked in water for 30mins)

3.Garlic cloves 12

4.Ginger 1 inch piece

5.Cinnamon 2-3 sticks

6.Red chilli powder 2tspns

7.Turmeric powder 1/4th tspn

8.Caraway seeds(shazeera) 1tspn

9.Kawab chini(cubeb) 2tspns

10.Elaichi 5

11.Whole peppercorn(kalimirch) 2tspn

12.Oil 2tspns

13.Salt to taste


Add all the ingredients in a cooker along with a cup of water and condense for 10 mins,till the mutton becomes a tender.

You can put all the whole masalas in a muslin cloth,tie it like a potli and drop it in the cooker as well.

If you dint make a potli,try and handpick the whole masala as its hard to grind them with mutton.

You can discard the garam masala.

Also dry out all the water.


1.Coriander leaves 1 bunch

2.Mint leaves 1/2 bunch

3.Green chilles 2

4.Freshly grounded garam masala powder 1tspn

5.Lemon juice of 1 lemon

6.Fresh Cardamom powder 1/2th tspn

7.Raw onion 1 medium or brown onion about a handful (which ever u like for an added flavor..i usually add some raw onion)


Cool the mixture.

Grind the mutton a bit for around a minute in a blender.

Later add haramasala(coriander leaves,mint leaves,green chillies) along with garam masala powder,cardamom powder and lemon juice.

Grind the mutton till you can blend them to form threads like consistency.

Don't grind too much.


1.Hard curd 1/2 cup

2.Finely chopped onion 3tbspns

3.Few coriander and mint leaves.


1.Properly mix up the ingredients for stuffing.

2.Grease your hands with some desi ghee or oil.

3.Now take some mutton mixture and make flat patties,stuff the mixture in the middle and close the pattie from all the sides carefully.

4.Shape the mixture in small circular shapes.

Your shikampur kababs are ready to fry.

5.If you are making shami kabab, don't stuff them with the filling ,just shape into diamond shapes.

FRYING METHOD:(need oil for frying)

Heat some oil and shallow fry the shami kabab/shikampuri kabab to golden brown in colour on both sides

TIPS:You can freeze this mixture and use whenever you wish for upto a month.


Abdullah Khan said...

I have ben trying to make them and got 80% success as the last time I tried they did not disintegrated during frying. My mother also adds Khopra, til and mong phally.

Before frying She makes a sort of pit (gad'ha) in the whole mixture, put one spoon pure ghee and extinguish a coal piece and cover the mixture tightly immediately. It give s a very nice flavour and kabab smells good

anwerquadri said...

Thanks for this post, as shami is one my all time favorite.
I tried to make it, but it took too long to grind the meat, though I had cooked the meat to tender. When I tried too much, the mixture became paste, not threaded.
So, which jar and blade I should use for grinding? And what are the other thing, I have to take care for?

Yameena Bushra said...

Will you plz tell how to make korma plz plz

Mohammed Siddique said...

Made it yesterday it's very tasty.

Sabeena Begum said...

Hi Anjum,

If I am deep frying these, how much should be the heat to ensure the kababs dont break apart?
Please guide.