Friday, August 8, 2008

French Fries

INGREDIENTS: Potatoes 2 big Nimbu 1 Salt to taste Oil for deep frying Method: Cut the potatoes finger shaped and put them in hot water with salt and nimbu juice and leave it aside for 10-15mins.then deep fry the potaoes to light brown.serve hot with tomato sauce or any chutney.


afifa said...

hey they were really good.i never knew u can make so good french fries at home

Abdul Nafay said...

Asalamaualikum...this is nafay...very good recipe...they were amazing..keep posting some new and easier ones so that i can try them out and if u know the recipe of garlic bread please add it.

Abdul Nafay said...

and another thing i never imagined that u knew these many recipes.....when u come here in the near future dont forget to make them for us.