Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sheer Khorma

Asalam-wa-lekum,i have been planning to post this recipe for long,but was feeling lazy to take a picture.Here in Saudi Arabia we have a week off from work and all we do is sleep,shop,party celebrating Eid for a week,have sheerkhorma daily saying you only have it only in Eid. Everyone has a different way of making this traditional recipe,here's my version....hope u all will like it,i know i am late in posting this one...sorry for that.Hoping you all will still give it a try...
  1. Milk 1liter
  2. Thin vermicelli(Roasted one) 3/4th cup
  3. Ghee 4-5Tbspns
  4. Sugar 1 and 1/2 cups
  5. Elaichi 2
  6. Dry fruits(fried to golden brown in ghee)
Almonds soaked overnight and skin removed(handful),Cashewnuts(handful),Chironji 3Tspns(soaked overnight and skin removed by rubbing in a soft cotton cloth),Pistachios 2Tspns(you can use the dry fruits u like),Khajoor(soaked overnight and cut to small).
All the Dry fruits need to be sliced thinly.
  • Fry the dry fruits in ghee to golden brown and set aside.(these are called magziyaad)
  • Fry vermicelli to deep brown colour in the same ghee and set aside.
  • Boil milk with elaichi on low flame for 30mins atleast.
  • Add vermicelli to milk and cook for about 10minutes.Later add sugar.cook for 5 more minutes.
  • Garnish with dryfruits(magziyaad) and serve warm.
When you serve the desert make sure the serving bowl has lotz of milk and less vermicelli ,atleast 1 khajoor and few magziyaad(dryfruits).


meeso said...

Sounds great, wish I could try some :)

mona said...

Anjum, your Sheer Kurma looks delicius. My version is also quite similar to yours.
Sadly I had a working day on Eid here in Canada. I miss the way Eid was celebrated back in India in the tradional way along with all my relatives..
We'll be lucky if we get a rare co-incidence to get an official holiday on Eid here to spend and celebrate the day at home with my loved ones.

Yasmeen said...

1 week of celebration ! WOW!
SheerKhorma looks deeelicious, i like it your way more milk and less sevia:)

I made some changes in my blog to be compatible with IE, please check it out and let me know if its working for you.

Priya said...

Yummy Sher khorma...looks deliciousssssss..

syeda said...

sheerqorma looks great!yeah thats the great advantage of being in the gulf countries, you get the holidays when it really matters to you isnt it?

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow week long celebrations. Wish i could be there not only for holidays but also for that yummy sheer korma. Looks welcoming and tempting.

Anonymous said...

Salaam... Oh wow, you're in Saudi Arabia too?! Where are you based? (I'm in Riyadh)

Hajar said...

Masha'Allah. Looks really good. Insya'Allah, I'll try out some of your recipes. Gotta love the easy to follow instructions. Only problem is, I am unsure of some of the ingredients. Not too sure whether we have it here or perhaps it's called by another name.

Anonymous said...

Are these measurments according to standard measuring cups? Jazakallah khair