Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kaddu ki kheer

  1. Milk (full fat)1 liter
  2. Kaddu(pumpkin) 1 Medium(grated)
  3. Khoa 50grms
  4. Cashewnuts(kaju) 1 mutthi(handful) grind to paste
  5. Basmati rice 1 mutthi(handful)(soak in water for 30mins)
  6. Elaichi powder pinch
  7. Saabudana 3tbspns(saoked for 20mins)
  8. Sugar to taste
  9. Green colour 2-3drops
  10. Vanilla essence 1tspn
  11. Saffron(zafran) few strands
  12. Almonds cut finely for garnishing(soak them a day before)
  1. Boil grated kaddu in water or milk to almost done.
  2. Dry basmati rice on a soft cotton cloth then grind it to granuales and keep aside.
  3. Boil milk and add cashewnut paste,basmati rice,saabudana.
  4. Keep stirring every now and then.
  5. Add elaichi powder,few saffron strands.
  6. When the rice is almost done add cooked kaddu to it and cook till desired consistency(it should be thick).
  7. Finally add sugar,khoa,vanilla essence,green colour to it.
  8. Garnish with almonds and serve chilled .


Anonymous said...

Salam...after a long time its a nice post..keep up your good work. wats the substitute for khoya?

Anjum said...

its ok if u dont add khoya...actually seeing if u add khoya..u cant store the meetha for more than a day...n people usually add milkmaid in place of khoya...but i have never tried it personally..u can prepare the meetha even without khoya

sharada said...

The kheer looks great..nice blog and love to follow u.

Fathima said...

It looks so creamy, I have bookmarked it to try out soon.

Mona said...

One of my favorite meethas. Looks yummy.

Humaira said...

Anjum! This looks delicious, back after a long time but trying to visit all blogs. yours tempts me to make this.

Rahin said...

oh i wanna have some kheer now :) its been ages since i had this ...always end up making the halwa

Anonymous said...

Very nice Anjum -:)

nasreen haider said...

its very nice..nd easy to cook..

Bittu said...

Very good recipe but the green color and essence has to be added last when the kheer becomes cool at room temperature then garnish with almonds and cherrys

Eman said...

Salam alaikum,

This is for how many people? I want to make this for 30 persons let me know the proportion please. Thanks ,

Mrs. Yusuf

Anjum said...

Asak Mrs Yousuf

The quantities I mentioned are for 5 people , and if you need for 30 people please calculate accordingly.
Instead of making in such a big quantity , I suggest you make 2 different deserts to simplify the job and also have variety.

Good luck


nishat anjum said...

Its v easy to make it,i hav learnt frm ths recipe,thnku,i love it now,

Sunanda Yatkar said...

hi anjum this recipe is so good i was tried at home my all family members r appreciate it and they all enjoyed to eat it .and its easy to make thnku .

Sunanda Yatkar said...

hi anjum this recipe was so good i was tried it at home and my family members r appreciate it and loved to eat it .thanku so much.

Anonymous said...

Thank u Anjum as this was amazingly delicious....thanx for the recipe

samiya shehwar said...

Good your blog is very useful

samiya shehwar said...

Good your blog is useful

Anonymous said...

Anjum, tried the recipe. I usually make it with milk, sabudana, sugar and condense milk. But the additions you suggested added a far more royal taste. Especially the kaju. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Rana Bathul , tried this recipe..its tasty..thank u

anwerquadri said...

I suggest 200 gms khoya for one ltr milk for a rich taste.
Similar quantity of qalaqand or full fat milk powder can be used, if khoya is not an option.
Essence & color are best to be added when the kheer temperature comes to room temperature or below.
Garnishing with cherry & fruits (dried papaya) will definitely enhance the taste.
Custard powder can be an option, if rice powder is not available.

Mohd Faiyaz said...

Hmmmmm its so yummy.!!thanks for the recipe...

sanober shaikh said...

tried it...was lots of appreciation..thankss ...may allah grant u more success..aameen

Anonymous said...

Assalamwalykum ..Got lots of appreciation..jazakallah.