Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Instant Tomato ki Chutney

INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes 5 (cut into small) Garlic Flakes 4 Cumin(Zeera)1Tspn Dried Red Chilles 4 Green Chilles 4 Coriander Leaves 1 Oil for Frying METHOD: Heat 3Tbspns of oil in a kadai and add garlic flakes,Cumin,Dried red chilles,Green chilles and fry them 2 mins, then put them in a grinder,in the same oil add the cut tomatoes and corinader leaves and fry them for 3-4 mins.put them in the grinder.Grind all these to a smooth paste,do not add water to it while grinding.The consistency of the chutney should be medium thick. RECOMMENDED COMBINATION: Fried Mutton,Fried Eggs,this Chutney can also be used for Dosas,Idly,Khichdi.

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seema said...

hey was so easy...n so damm tasty,thanks!!