Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I learnt this dish from my the credit goes to her..I have made a few variations to suit my taste..i bet this is the best dalcha u would have ever tasted,Its a hit with my family n all my friends..whenever i happen to make it i share the half of it with one of my goes the recipe ...
  1. Kaddu Medium sized(cut into diamond shaped pieces)
  2. Meat with bones 3-4
  3. Chane ki dal 1 cup
  4. Tamarind 2 handfuls(soak in water)
  5. Tomatoes 3-4
  6. Onion 1 big
  7. Loung3,patta 2 1inch pieces
  8. Curry leaves handful
  9. Red chilli powder 2Tspn
  10. Turmeric powder 1/2Tspn
  11. Ginger-Garlic paste 2Tbspns
  12. Garam masala powder 2Tspn
  13. Coriander leaves handful
  14. Green chilles 6
  15. Salt to taste
  16. Oil 4Tbspns
  • Pressure cook chane ki dal separately later grind it a semi liquid form(if u like whole chane ki dal u can simply use dal ghotni)
  • Now heat oil in a cooker,add loung n patta fry for a minute.
  • Later add onions sliced finely along with green chillies.
  • Fry until light brown and then add ginger-garlic paste...n fry till the paste turns golden brown.
  • Add the curry leaves,mutton bones along with salt,red chilli powder and turmeric powder.
  • Also add the tomatoes cut finely.
  • Add about 2 cups water and pressure cook for 12 mins.
  • Now add kaddu and pressure cook again for 5 minutes(about 3 whistles)
  • Add the ground dal to it along with Tamarind water.
  • Add coriander leaves and let it boil.
  • Finally add garam masala powder,some more salt to taste.
  • U can also add lime juice if u want it to be more tangy.
PREFFERED COMBINATION:Bagara khana-Sem ki phalli Gosht-Dalcha.
I made Dalcha with bagara khana and dum ka gosht .I have already posted Dum ka Murgh recipe on my blog but i tried with gosht instead of chicken...n its a superb combination to try ...hope u all will love this combination.


mona said...

Hmm, back with a bang! Dalcha with gosht and baghara khana is a superb combination that every Hyderabadi will definitely enjoy!

Humaira said...

Anjum ur back!! I am so glad. Ab jaldi se acche acche dishes banao aur hamein khilao. :)

syeda said...


your daalcha is making my mouth water,next time you make daalcha send me the other half :)
so are you going to move to dubai permanently or you are just visiting,lets meet up when u are here, lemme knlow when u r coming i will give u my number.

rahin said...

anjum dalcha with bagara chawal n dum gosht , yum , thts the ideal combination

Yasmeen said...

Nice to see you back Anjum.I'm totally drooling for the aroma and the taste combo of the meal :)

Anonymous said...
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Nazeer said...

thanks, i am from hyderabad and my mom always cook this. Since i am in USA and learning cooking watching the desi website.. yours is superb and i am gonna cook now.

Anonymous said...

hmmm thanks bro ill make dalcha its superb and thanks a lot dear keep posting

TAZAIKA said...

great combination n good collection of hyd recipes,vl visit often,tc

Aseem Saxena said...

Dear Anjum,

When you say medium size, how many grams must it be?

When you say 4 pieces of mutton, how many grams will that be?

I am an inexperienced cook and this will help me



Anjum said...

Hello Aseem, When i say medium size its about a ice cube size, and 4 pieces mutton can be about 100gms.They are approx 1inch pieces. hope this helps.

zehanasheen said...

alhamdullilah this very nice dish for hyderabadis i like too much

Muddassir said...


Dear Anjum Saheba,
Thanks for the recipe.
Can you please tell me what is "Patta" in the ingredients? is there english name for it?

Anjum said...

Brother muDassir,
Patta has a other Hindi name which is dalchini and in English referred to as Cinnamon. Goodluck

Anonymous said...

Rohini said
loved dalcha. Very yummy recipe . enjoyed the lunch with the dalcha and bagara khana .Thank you ever so much for the recipe

could you please post lamb chops recipe. I would much appreciate that

Anonymous said...

Rohini said
loved dalcha. Very yummy recipe . enjoyed the lunch with the dalcha and bagara khana .Thank you ever so much for the recipe

could you please post lamb chops recipe. I would much appreciate that

Anonymous said...

Hii ,u know after marriage the dalcha I made using your recipe was the first dish which everyone loved. .. sooo it has become very special for me. .. Thank you for sharing the recipe. .

anwerquadri said...

Try adding a teaspoon of bojwar masala.

Anonymous said...

Salam Anjum...thanks for sharing with us your yummy recipe collection. When you mention laung patta in your ingredients, do you mean cloves and tejpatta or dalchini shazeera? Would appreciate if you clarify. Thanks!

Anjum said...

Wlks, cloves are laung and patta is cinnamon sticks. Hope this helps